Hi, my name is Brandy B & I own Brandy B Photography.
Let me introduce you to Brandy B Photography. Brandy B Photography has been around since January 2018. Most people ask me, Brandy, why photography? Many people do not know the reason behind my photography is because of my relationship with my aunt. We were very close; she always said I took great pictures, even with my cellphone. Her belief and encouragement are what birthed this photography business.

My vision behind photography is capturing the blessings of life. I love capturing the moments that are the most important to people. I see the world's beauty from a different perspective and would love for the world to see it through my eyes. Every picture I capture has a story, and I get the opportunity to be part of the story. What I love the most about photography is it's so much fun! I barely feel like I am working because capturing my client's special moments is rewarding. On the photography journey, I meet many people from all walks of life. Being able to take a new adventure every day and capture memories has expanded my view of the world & people.
I take professional pictures of just about any & everything. I do not have a niche because I enjoy them all. I do everything from family portraits to engagement photos to headshots. I can say that I love to shoot outdoors, under the sun, in the beauty of nature.

Every session is unique and shows me something new. When choosing a photographer (even if you do not select me), it is essential to make sure you find a photographer that you feel comfortable with. One who sees your vision can add their own touch of creativity to bring it to life. Make sure they know what they are doing and love what they do. This is essential to a successful session. If you're comfortable, you will do great!

Thank you so much for reading and getting to know me, Brandy B Photography!
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